Monday, December 28, 2009

A Night with the Pups...

An exciting night with pups yet again. I come home from a busy day at work to find my favorite pair of slippers demolished by Rowdy. Then after a yummy dinner of french fries again shared by me and all 3 dogs we watch a movie. Which apparently was not their style. :) All 3 were about 5 minutes. Hotel for Dogs is more up their ally then Night at the Mueseum 2. Diva is passed out on the floor. Hyatt is moaning on the other side of the couch. (She makes the craziest noises when she sleeps.) And Rowdy is curled up next to me, drooling on my leg, with just his head under the blanket. How weird is that?! It's like he is part ostrich or something. Row is such a snuggler. When its time to go to sleep he likes to snuggle really close and put his cold ass nose on the back of my neck and then breath really hard so his wiskers tickle my neck. Ahhh...just thinking about it gives me chills! The funniest thing is when I get up to go to work, he scoots over to my spot on the bed and puts his head on the pillow and snuggles underneath the covers till I get out of the shower. It's like he is rubbing it in that i have to get up and he can just be a lazy puppy all day. At least Diva comes and sits on the mat by my shower till I get up! Well this is our normal going to bed routine...I don't even want to get into the morning one yet! lol

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rowdy's first Christmas

We survived Rowdy's first Christmas! There were a couple of casulties, 1 7ft pre-lit Christmas tree no longer has a cord and approximatly 10 ornaments no longer exist, but other than that we made it thru! Many thanks to the Woodward/Estrella family who put up with us for the night. (Don't worry, we gave them a thx for putting up with Rowdy gift first to smooth the way)
For those of you don't know us...Rowdy is a pound puppy from Flagstaff. I got him on Father's day weekend when my best friend Court decided it was time for a new puppy for her and her family. (Her dog Belle was the best dog ever and she passed away. Court got her at a Flagstaff pound) So we looked and looked and looked...Finally! We went to a shelter about 30 min outside of Flag. In one of the last cages we got looked in there were 2 puppies. A girl and a boy. Both mutts from the reservation about 6 to 8 wks old. Court brought home Harley girl and there was no way I was leaving Rowdy all alone! So here we are now, 6 months or so later, and Rowdy is loved very much by me and anyone who meets him.
Back to Christmas...We had a great time in Anthem. Rowdy got to wrestle and makeout with his girlfriend Harley. Run and play tug with Tuff. And give Jessie Rae so many kisses she was soaked by the time we left! lol Then it was off to Buckeye to hangout with the fam and my adorable nephews. We are now home and recouperating from our holiday of driving with multi new stuffed toys for all the dogs and yummy bones so they won't chew my shoes. :) When I mean re-couping...I am blogging and watching the Julie/Julia Project which gave me the idea to blog while all my dogs are sleeping beside me and snoring...loudly! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas as we did. Happy Holidays!!!